AP268H – Central-managed Dual-band WiFi Access Point

Product Overview

AP268H is a highly reliable industrial ceiling‐mount wireless access point. With the latest IEEE 802.11ac technology for improvements in the speed, reliability and quality of wireless communications, AP268H provides simultaneous operation in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless coverage for maximum flexibility. Maximum 26dBm power transmission provides large wireless coverage in a network. The solid capacitors used in AP268H guarantee the safety for long-term usage. The Power Saving function not only saves the power consumption of the access point, but also saves the battery power for connected mobile devices.

Additionally, AP268H has a wide range of potential applications from office environments to schools, campuses, hotels and hospitals. Multiple SSIDs can be configured for different user groups and a built-in RADIUS server provides additional verification with a scalable AP array architecture for central management of multiple access points.

AP268H can collaborate with EstiNet IoT SDN Controller to achieve unified wired and wireless network remote management and provide many efficient management features through the latest SDN technologies.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy Installation

Ceiling-mount & T-rail mount design with easy installation kit.

  • Multiple SSIDs for Security Management

Supports up to 32 SSIDs ideal for multiple departments, user groups, customers or guests.

  • Wide Coverage & High Sensitivity

Adjustable RF output power and high receiver sensitivity for wide coverage across large spaces.

  • Power over Ethernet

Supports IEEE 802.3af PoE as well as included power adapter.

  • Built-In RADIUS Server or collaborate with the RADIUS Server of the IoT Network Controller

Built-in RADIUS server supports up to 256 user accounts. More features and capabilities can be enabled by working with EstiNet IoT Network Controller

  • Advanced QoS and Flow Management

Traffic and QoS priority management by differentiating SSIDs.

  • Central Management

By collaborating with the IoT Network controller, provide unified wired and wireless network integration and efficient remote control.

Pricing / Evaluation
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