Light Runner

Light Runner is one of the top fiber optic lab solution.Light Runner is an integrated modular system offering over 40 experiments in optics, optoelectronics, and optical communications, including Dispersion, Attenuation, EDFA, 4-channel WDM, OTDR, FBG, BER, Eye Pattern and OADM.Backed with indigenous proprietary software for optical monitoring and control, Light Runner comprises of a robust hardware constituting industry grade silica fibers and components, in-built DSO (with the provision to store readings) and in-built EDFA (user configurable). Fiber optic kit-Light Runner operations are fully computerized with an interactive software that provides exhaustive information on how-to-do and what-to-expect from each optical experiment. Light Runner software not only provides theoretical concepts associated with each optical experiment, but also allows saving results of individual students for later references by the tutor.

Sr. No Features Benefits
01 Integrated standalone fiber optic lab solution Self-contained open platform based training solution offering over 40 experiments in latest cutting edge technologies such as Dispersion, EDFA, WDM, OTDR, BER, Eye Pattern, OADM and many more
02 Value for money Competitively priced to accommodate academic budgets.
03 Industry-oriented hands-on learning experience The only bench-top fiber optic solution to use original telecom grade silica fiber and components
04 Light Runner Proprietary Software User friendly software for real time optical control and monitoring, allowing extremely precise experimental observations.
05 Comprehensive online literature support Light Runner software provides theoretical concepts associated with each experiment for student’s ready reference while conducting the experiments.
06 Ideal laboratory solution for conducting examinations and practical. Allows provision to store and review the experiment results of individual students, making it a meritorious solution to execute examinations in optical labs
07 No additional peripheral equipment required Consists CRO, pulse generator, power meter, inbuilt DSO, inbuilt EDFA, fiber spools and many more accessories
08 Comes with all experimental hardware and setup manual Allows immediate installation in the laboratory. Straightforward to reconfigure for open ended projects and problem based learning laboratories
09 Designed in conjunction with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Delhi and IIT Chennai) Ensures that all desired educational objectives are realized and that students investigate all real industry issues
10 Experiments from fundamental to advance levels Suitable for all undergraduate and master level photonics courses in Physics, Engineering, Research and Polytechnic
11 Recognized and awarded worldwide for its contribution in optical technology Positively endorsed by academic and industrial conglomerates including Lockheed Martin Corporation (USA), University of Texas (USA) and Braunschweig University of Technology (Germany)
12 Highly international clientele Several leading academic institutions world-wide are now enjoying fiber optic lab solution Light Runner and reverting with continued repeat business
13 Full product support is available We are just a call away to assist you with all your queries and issues. Contact us via phone, email or fax.


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