MT198T Core Switch

MT198T – IoT Cloud Switch

Real SDN/Legacy Hybrid Switch  for Edge/Private Clouds

MT198T is an innovative legacy/SDN dual-mode switch, installed with powerful open-architecture EstiNOS network operating system, which supports common legacy L2/L3 protocols and the state-of-the-art OpenFlow protocol. MT198T is equipped with 48 ports 10GbE SFP+ and 6 40GbE QSFP ports, specifically designed for the uses of edge clouds, private clouds, and enterprise Layer-3 switches.

It provides built-in OpenFlow 1.3 pipeline, which makes it capable of delivering real-time and authentic OpenFlow processing functions in line rate. By collaborating with the EstiNet IoT Network Controller, MT198T can deliver a completely automated SDN networks for edge clouds and private clouds.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Advanced QoS
  • Powerful Access Control List
  • SDN & Legacy hybrid mode
  • Performance and Extensibility
  • Useful L2 Protocol Support
  • Open-architecture L3 Protocol Support

Physical  Information

  • 48*10G SFP+ ports and 6*40G QSFP port
  • Each port support pluggable optics
  • RJ45 Console
  • Mini USB
  • Switch Fabric speed 720Gbps

Support Legacy Mode

  • Support L2 STP/RSTP
  • Support L3 OSPF/ISIS

Support SDN OpenFlow Mode

  • Support OpenFlow 1.3
  • Support OpenFlow table size max. 192K exact match
  • Support Multiple Flow Table Support: Max. 6 stage pipelines, 4 tables per stage
  • Support OpenFlow meter and counter
  • Support 11.5k meter
  • Support 11.5k counter


Pricing / Evaluation
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