Vanet Add-on

A Simulator with Vehicular Traffic Simulation and V2V/V2I Communication Simulation


Vehicular network simulation module is an optional add-on to EstiNet network simulator and emulator. It provides both vehicular traffic simulation and V2V/V2I networking and communication simulation. These two functions can interact with each other closely so that some innovative Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications can be developed and evaluated on EstiNet platform.

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Key Features and Benefits

Vehicular Traffic Simulation

To simulate vehicular traffic, EstiNet first supports road-building function so that cars can move on roads. A road network can be built by hand or by importing a roadmap file. Second, a human driving behavior is applied in a car to control its movement, such as car following, lane changing, overtaking, and compliance with traffic light signals. With the above-mentioned two features, EstiNet can simulate realistic traffic situation on roads.

V2V/V2I Networking and Communication

IEEE 802.11p, IEEE 1609.3, and IEEE 1609.4 protocols are supported by EstiNet to simulate V2V/V2I networking and communication. These protocols are designed to support Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) with lower transmission latency and higher transmission quality under high-speed movement situation. In combination with vehicular traffic simulation, EstiNet can be used to develop and evaluate new ITS applications.

Major Functions for Vehicular Network


Wireless Network Protocols
  • IEEE 802.11p – Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE)
    • 11 MAC with EDCA
    • 11 PHY with 1609.4 Extension
  • IEEE 1609.3 – WAVE Networking Services
    • Provider Service & User Service
    • WSM Service
  • IEEE 1609.4 – WAVE Multi-channel Operation
    • Control Channel (CCH) & Service Channel (SCH) Alternating Access Mechanism
    • Tunable CCH Interval & SCH Interval
    • Extended CCH/SCH Access Mechanism
Vehicular Driving Model
  • Road Network
    • Manual Drawing or Roadmap Importation
    • Multi-lane Road
    • Crossroad with Traffic Light
  • Driving Behavior
    • Car Profile to Configure Max Speed, Max Acceleration and Max Deceleration
    • Car Following, Lane Changing & Overtaking
    • Traffic Light Signal Obedience


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